Tuesday, September 30, 2008

OH My Aching Feet

So I worked wed-fri last week. My boss wasnt there one day so I had to do most of the stuff on my own..holy crap! I can't believe they let people with NO experience fill prescriptions LOL They are checked by the pharmacist..so it's not like the wrong meds would go out!

On the weekend we went to the mainland for the memorial for fallen peace/police officers. It was at the peace arch. Lots of uniforms and bagpipes..It was a nice memorial. My parents and my sister and her husband came with me to watch. We had a nice mini visit while there. Saturday night was stayed at the pink palace..they had a transvestite convention at our hotel..lol it was pretty hilarious.. my dad was in the lobby and he was like.. was that a man or a woman? man that was a good looking woman for a guy!

I worked yesterday and today. My boss wasn't there again today.. and I was alone filling prescriptions..its not soo bad..but when youre new and you dont know what things are or where to find them you run around trying to figure it all out and you are on a deadline and then the pharmacists give you more prescripts AFTER you have already sealed the boxes and the delivery guy is waiting to pick up the boxes..UGH! But it is a great job and challenging.. but I couldnt imagine doing it all day!! They say working in a pharmacy is very stressful..now i believe it.. but i thrive on chaos and I am great at multi tasking :)

my feet are killing me and I am tired.. I need to do laundry but it will have to wait til the morning!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


So the day before yesterday I went for my job interview.. I was so nervous but after about 5 mins of talking I was relaxed. I was told that they would let me know the next day. After I had been home about 2 hours I got a call. I was sure he was going to tell me that they went with someone else but he said we would like to offer you the job!!! I was like.. really! that is GREAT! Inside I was shitting bricks though :P He said, when can you start and I said tomorrow!

So yesterday I took the bus to town.. I was a bit early so I waited at the library for a bit and I was starting to freak out a bit.. panicking.. etc.. I had to do a lot of self talk!! Then I just put one foot in front of the other and entered the bldg!

I was introduced to everyone. For such a small place it was abuzz with people!
Well what an experience and much more involved than I figured. I was told I would just be starting off slow, cleaning, stocking shelves etc. But I took to my training right away and I was filling prescriptions after an hour being there. I am sure my medical transcription helped with that.

So basically what I do is, I help the pharmacy technician.. A really nice man named Wayne. It is a compounding pharmacy which means they make a lot of the meds on premises. They service a lot of the nursing homes in the area so a lot of the job is filling those prescriptions, then packing them all up on a time limit so the couriers can come and pick them up. So there is a lot of checking and rechecking. They also have individual customers and they stock items for walk in customers but they don't do much business that way. When the orders are all done then I have to go into the recycle room and I have to dispose of the half used meds. I have to black out all the names on the old boxes..and pour the other half used ingredients into the recycle bin they use.

I also have to do some clean up and recycling of paper etc.
I think I will really like this job. My feet are killing me cus I was on them on a concrete floor for 4 hrs straight..but it was challenging and I finally feel like I am using my brain :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Gotta Get Off My Duff

I have been looking for a part-time job lately. Yesterday I was on Craigslist and I saw a job for a Pharmacy Assistant and I thought, what the hay! So I sent in my resume, and low and behold, today I got a call asking me to come in and interview!!! So I am off to do so at 1 pm.
I am nervous but excited. It would be the perfect job for me. It is M-F :)
Cross your fingers for me!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Barry is going to be starting a new post in his job, which means a regular shift, no more night shifts.YIPPEE! We are going to be going to the mainland in a couple weeks for a parade at the Peace Arch.

Next week is my 45th birthday! UGH! Not sure how we will celebrate.

The Brat started highschool last week, she seems to be liking it ok so far.

Just some random pics!

Once again been pretty busy!

We got a DOG! His name is Piper Ramsay Rhodes! He is a shih tzu! He is about 1 and a half. He is such a fun dog. He is house trained.. and he is a quick learner so he is learning lots of new things.

He is such a big sucky. He sleeps in our bed :) We are so happy that we got him :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008


my hubbys new tattoo

my new piercing

Jordan, Kaitlin, Dakota..

its kinda blurry..ugh

My early birthday present from my husband. He got someone to draw this for me :)
Chris Cornell

Monday, August 25, 2008


I realise it's been quite a while since I updated.. sorry bout that..
lots been going on.. had lots of company.. :)
We did get married on the morning of 8.8.8 ..on a dock overlooking the ocean.. just a few close friends and some family attended :) It was romantic and I cried like a baby ..lol :)

hmm what else? OH Barry got a tattoo.. and I got my nose pierced ..woohoo!

Life is pretty much back to normal.. haven't been doing the WW but I have managed to stay about 2-3lbs above where I was at..so nothing drastic.

You can tell fall is approaching..ugh! Actually I like the fall..but my 45th birthday is approaching as well..oh well Beats the alternative huh?

I will be adding new pics soon. My laptop crapped out on me so we bought a new one, I just have to get a graphics program on here so I can edit my photos.

love n hugs